Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's the Lord calling...

Funny story....

So we were in the UNC Chapel for my friend Annie's wedding. We're all dolled up, hair, heels, and bouquets all in place. Annie's holding a bible, for crying out loud. We're nothing if not reverent. Then someone's cell phone goes off. I look around the chapel, eyes glaring, to see who makes the first move to quiet their phone. No one moves. The phone keeps ringing. Sorry, not ringing, singing. It's a musical ring. How quaint.

I thought the preist recovered very well. He stood up and said, "Well, that was a text message from the Lord and he sends his best wishes to the happy couple." Oh, Father. You crack me up. Crisis averted.

THEN, after communion, the phone, which has continued to beep frequently during the entire service, starts to ring AGAIN only this time we know exactly who to blame. The priest, funny Father, yeah, remember him? Turns out it's HIS phone! Can't be bothered to turn off his cellular device for one hour?On the bright side, at least the culprit wasn't one of the guests because Annie might have killed one of us but even she draws the line before murdering a member of the clergy. Though, if looks could kill...well that would be a different story.

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