Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Making Things Happen

Ever since I was a little kid, I've believed I possess the power to make things happen. Like if I think about something hard enough I can cause it to change.  It all started with the wind.  
I can remember being nine or ten and standing in my father's front yard in Texas feeling a breeze that began to cool the sweat on my skin and I thought, "That's nice". And then I thought about the wind, a great gust travelling across the lake and up into Westlake Hills, seeing in my mind's eye all of the leaves moving with the breeze as it passed, and finally I saw the wind reach me on my father's lawn.  And I didn't just see the wind in my imagination.  I felt it, the strength of the gust billowing my skirt and dancing through my hair.  I heard the leaves as they swirled at my feet.  And I was convinced that I could control the wind.
I know what you're thinking.  All children experience delusions of grandeur.  We all imagine ourselves as something other than what we actually are.  It's a part of growing up.  Well, the thing is, I never really outgrew these notions.  I mean I'm a rational able-minded adult who knows the laws of nature and is fully aware of my human capabilities.  Yet...
I spend a lot of my time 'day dreaming'.   I call it day dreaming because that's the rational explanation for what I do.  But actually I think of it more like manifesting.  I think about things I'd like to happen and I believe that this is helps them come to fruition.  I've read The Secret.  I'm well versed in the laws of attraction.  I understand the science behind what I'm doing but I am also aware that many people would find this practice absurd.  I actually missed the exit to the airport the other day because I was in the middle of thinking about how great it feels to book a national commercial.  I was practically crying with joy at the very IDEA of getting a commercial and suddenly I'm aware also that I'm missing my exit and I come crashing back to reality feeling more than a little silly.  I guess I shouldn't 'day dream' while driving.
So what, right?  So I spend a significant part of my day with my head in the clouds so to speak. I also spend the rest of my time actively working to make my dreams happen.  I guess it all evens out.
You want to know the really embarrassing part?  Well, sometimes when I'm outdoors, alone, and I feel a breeze on my cheek I think about the wind.  And I try once again to see it through my mind's eye and exert my control over the air.  
And you know what?  I'm not at all convinced that I don't have that power.  I haven't been proved wrong yet.