Wednesday, December 17, 2008

cats and trees

I bought a tree.  A small wonky Charlie Brown kind of tree that tilts very much to one side.  It's decorated mostly with ornaments purchased from Longs or Walgreens.  It's modest but it's ours and the lights at night make for a very warm holiday atmosphere.  I love our little tree.  
And we have a kitten.  Molly.  Well, I suppose she's a cat now because she's over a year old but she certainly looks like a kitten.  And behaves like a kitten.  And she's just the cutest little thing in the world.  Like a kitten.  
Anyway.  I'm sitting here on the couch checking email, etc.  Okay, I'm stalking on facebook, whatever, when I hear the jingle jangling of Christmas bells.  And lo and behold, our precious Molly is batting away at our bell ornaments.  It's adorable but shouldn't really be condoned so I pick her up and move her away.
And two minutes later...she's back.  Jingle jangle.  Bat bat bat.  So again with the picking up and moving.  This time a soft 'Meow' let's me know she's not happy with the relocating.
And two minutes later...the cat came back!  This time I'm armed.  With a water spray bottle.  A quick squirt and she runs away from the tree lickity split.  Now there's a phrase we need to bring back.  Lickity split.  Anyway, she tried a few more times to attack the tree and was rewarded with a squirt each time.   Finally, she surrendered.  The tree is safe.  And now, Molly's sitting in my large dry purse gazing with reverence at our lopsided tree and looking adorable as always.  Perhaps I should take a picture.  For our card next year.  
Yeah right.  Like we'll ever get our act together enough to send holiday cards.


Roux (SSSG) said...

For some reason this reminded me of that time you were dog sitting for Jamie and the dog bit your eyebrow and I picked him up and threw him into the other room. Ah, fun times.

stephanie renee said...

I totally forgot about that! You definitely have some great reflexes, kiddo! Thanks for having my back!