Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

This past Saturday was Valentine's Day.  A day which makes single people miserable and gives couples the excuse to be even more gross and affectionate.  It is a stupid holiday.  I am in a committed monogamous relationship and so clearly fall into the gross and affectionate couple category.  The thing is I don't care very much about making a point to proclaim my love for someone one day a year only when I am required to do so by society and Hallmark.  I don't want to feel pressured into spending money on a lavish dinner or a silly gift.  Though, to be fair, it would Mike spending that money, not me.  At any rate, we decided to boycott.  I had to work all weekend and so Mike went up to Tahoe with some friends and the holiday passed by without a scene.
Instead, I spent the holiday with one of my longest loves, the theatre.  I have to say, performing in a wedding show on Valentine's Day was actually pretty amazing.  While I do not subscribe to the whole cupid and roses thing it was really wonderful to see all of the couples all decked out and lovey dovey.  We had a packed house on Saturday night, filled with groups of single ladies and couples.  It's actually a fun idea to see Tony N' Tina's on Velntine's Day.  It was about a year ago that this particular San Francisco cast began peforming at Fisherman's Warf AND Tina's birthday is on the 14th (allegedly) so it was a fun filled night indeed.  
On top of all the shenanigans of the evening, I got to witness one of the coolest things ever.  
There's a part of the show where this character 'Vinnie' does a little comedy act and then makes some announcements about any celebrations in the audience; birthdays, anniverseries, bachelorette parties, etc.  Well, last Saturday 'Vinnie' called up a couple from the audience and gave the guy the mic and told him to 'do his thing'.  The rest of the cast had no idea what was going on.  The audience member explained that he and his girlfriend were from Brazil and so their English wasn't very good.  He then told his girlfriend that he was so happy that they became friends and then grew closer and THEN he GETS DOWN ON ONE KNEE and he pulls out a ring!!  The whole audience is clapping and shouting and of course I'm CRYING like an idiot.  And after like a minute of applause, his girlfriend says 'Of course' and we all stand up and they kiss and I cry some MORE.  It was so cool.  The whole audience, like 200 people, were all into it.  
I mean, even if it's not your cup of tea, even if you would rather be boiled alive than be part of a public proposal, you can probably appreciate a moment like that.  A moment where both people are so happy and so in love.  I remember how elated and giddy I felt when Mike proposed.  Well, that feeling isn't just limited to the couple getting engaged.  Watching the Brazilians last Saturday I felt giddy and gooey and saptastic.  It's a vibe you get from witnessing acts of love.  The couple was earnest and sweet in their love for each other and they weren't showboating or being over indulgent by doing it publically.  It was like they were sharing and I for one felt totally special for being included.  
Thanks, random Brazilian couple.  Best Wishes!

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