Monday, October 6, 2008


Few people know this about me but before I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to be an interior designer.
I liked to act from the beginning but didn't know that it counted as a real job.  By the by, for thosew of you who still don't know, acting IS a real job.  When I was a kid, however, I thought I'd have to do something else to make money so I wanted to be an interior designer.  
I LOVE looking in people's houses.  Mike and I will go on walks at dusk when it's dark enough that people have their lights on but light enough that they haven't closed the drapes.  I peep.  Mike thinks it's rude and he's probably right but I can't help it.  I LOVE stealing a glimpse at this man's fireplace or that woman's sofa.  And I LOVE the architecture.  In fact I would have wanted to be an architect but for the math stuff.  Me no likey the math.  
But interiors...yessssssss.  I love it.  My mom and I used to wander through antique stores on the weekends and I used to picture the houses that belong with the furniture.  This chair belongs in an old colonial next to the fireplace while this table should sit in a breakfast nook under a picture window.  I especially liked when the store would set up a 'mock' room with the furniture.  This one is a bedroom, that one a kitchen, and here is a tea room.  I could choose the houses in which these rooms belonged.  Granted my imagination was limited to the houses that I had been inside so many of these rooms ended up in my mom's or my dad's or even Cary's houses but I still enjoyed my fantasies.
So imagine my joy when best friend Cary asked me to help decorate her new place.  YEA!  We talked about the space, I spent the week watching HGTV and then on Saturday we headed off to IKEA for some staple pieces.
I had never been before this weekend.  Wow.  It's heaven.  There are little rooms all set up and decorated and complete with bathrooms and closets.  I LOVE it.  They have everything!  They have art work, office supplies, beds, kitchen cabinets...I'm in love.  Cary and I had a successful and fun mission and we left with two cartfuls so now I only have one question...
How can I get a job decorating the IKEA show rooms?