Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Warning: The following is a rant.

I don't know if you've noticed but so far my blog has been completely void of any political subject matter.  It's not that I don't care.  BELIEVE me, I do!  But I feel that we are inundated all day every day by propaganda on all fronts and I don'tneed to explore the subject at any length here.  Besides, my vote is decided and has been for a very long time so what is there to talk about, really?  And, I've really enjoyed all of the truly mundane things previously discussed in this blog.  Sometimes, especially during times such as these, it's nice to escape to a land of wall clocks and eighties rock.
Well, friends, I'm sorry to break the rules but here goes.
If you're against gay marriage then don't do it.  But why prevent others from doing it?  Who does gay marriage hurt?  The church?  Society?  That's a matter of opinion and has NOTHING to do with the law.  
I love America and here's why.  In America you are entitled to your opinion.  Entitled.  Express yourself.  Argue.  Debate.  Pick a cause to fight for and fight!  But why pick gay marriage? How does it affect your life if two men are declared 'Husband and Husband'?  I really don't get what the big deal is.  
If you do not approve of homosexuality because of religious reasons that's fine.  But there's a little thing called separation of Church and State.  Which means we cannot pass laws based on what Jesus said was right and wrong.  
And I love how people think gay marriage will lead to a new interpretation of the Constitution.  Kind of like it did when we included African Americans and Women.  What were we thinking?!
And I realize I'm ranting but when I see those ads to 'Vote yes on Prop 8!' I get so frustrated.  Aren't there more important issues we should be dealing with?  War?  Debt?  Education?  Health care?  Redefining the requirements for one to be chosen as a Vice President?  These are issues we should worry about.  
People say that gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of marriage.  I got news for them.  Divorce destroys the sanctity of marriage.  Literally.  You want to protect the sanctity, then outlaw divorce.   No?  Then shut up.
Aaaaaaaaaand rant DONE!