Monday, November 17, 2008

Road Rage

I consider myself a mild mannered person.  
And I realize I'm wrong.  I'm neither mild nor mannered but I CONSIDER myself to be thus. Whether you agree or not, I hope you would concur that I am not an angry person.  Of that I am certain.  I am passionate, yes.  Impatient at times.  But not angry.
Until I am sitting behind a car going 65 in the fast lane and ignoring the fact that I've shot up behind them going 75 and am (im)patiently waiting for them to move over.  Waiting and I do not get along well.  And suddenly I have RAGE!
How did I not know this about myself?  I can only assume that I've always been an impatient driver, though this may not be the case.  I can remember in high school driving in a very timid fashion.  In fact, I'm sure I was just a horrible driver.  I was the one going 65 in the fast lane and it never occurred to me to move out of the way.  So when did I become this person?  This 'Go Go Speed Racer'?  I guess life is busier now.  Things are more important.  I mean, in college I took the subway.  In North Carolina...well, I had a ten minute commute.   So I guess I never really had a chance to develop this condition until now.  It's the weirdest thing ever.  I am my normal sweet self (shut up) and then, suddenly, a flip is switched, or rather a switch is flipped, and I'm psycho.  I yell at people.  I get angry.  SO FRUSTRATED!  Inconsiderate drivers bug the HELL out of me!
And I think I just figured out why.
I blame Mike.
Before Mike, I was ignorant to some of the annoyances one experiences while on the road.  But Mike is a VERY considerate driver.  I mean, he'll stop for that pedestrian that you're not quite sure whether they're gonna walk or not.  He stops just to make sure.  Considerate, yeah?
Well, now that I've experienced how one should drive, I see the bad drivers EVERYWHERE!!  And I get SO ANNOYED!  Ignorance is bliss, my friends.  
And I'm not saying I'm a great driver now, no!  I annoy myself sometimes.  Because I still make the convenient assumption that the pedestrian is NOT going to cross the street so I can go on my cheery way.  
At any rate, my rage must STOP!  So, to those of you out there who step into your own world once you step inside your vehicle, do me a solid and take a moment every now and then to take stock of the world around you and maybe if you see me behind you, with my face scrunched up into an expression of RAGE, maybe you move over and let me pass.  
Or...maybe I could just start listening to audio books so I could slip into my own little world behind the wheel and be oblivious to all you crappy drivers!
How about a little of column A and a little of column B.

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