Sunday, April 26, 2009

The night began well enough...

There is nothing fun about getting your car broken into.  Absolutely nothing.  Okay, maybe pretending you're on CSI and trying to pull a fingerprint off the car with tape is kind of fun.  But nothing else is.
And when you interrupt the perp and hear him fleeing the scene it can be quite scary.  
My tummy had been upset all night and I had ignored that little voice inside my head that told me to call it an early night.  Shut up, voice!  I'm out with friends.  I want to stay and have fun.  Well, voice, I apologize for ignoring you.  You were right.  If we had left even ten minutes earlier my car would be in one piece.
At least no one was hurt.  That's the important thing.  I mean, sure, it sucks that my ipod is gone.  And a bunch of CDs which are going to be a great disappointment to someone.  I doubt this guy is a huge fan of Camelot the musical.  Who is, really?  
But my shoes.  Sigh.  My brand new, only worn twice, super expensive and fantastic Asics that I purchased after looking a fool on a treadmill in the store.  My special running shoes that will make me stop running like a spaz.  My shoes.  They be gone.
But shoes can be replaced.  And it was very lucky I had that broom. 
But more on that later.
All in all, the experience was ok.  I'm SO glad I have such amazing friends who will cheer me up and help make my car a safe mode of transport again.  

Ipod Nano - $110.
Asic Running Shoes - $117.
Girly CD Collection - $ 90.
Friends who keep you calm and smiling during a crisis......Priceless.

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