Friday, October 9, 2009


Recently I've found it necessary to cultivate a collection of animal bones.
Did you know that you can get ten pounds of bones from the butcher for ten dollars? And the bones are not clean, they're still full of meat which you can totally use for some sort of meat pie or something. Hello marvelous way to save money! I call it Mystery Meat Pie! Now if I could just find someone to eat it...

Why am I collecting bones, you ask? Well, let me assure you it's all in the name of art. More on that later.

But first, a lesson about the proper way to clean bones.

1. Place bones in a large pot for boiling.
2. Boil bones for several days. Enjoy the aroma of cooking carcass. Mmmm, carcass!
3. Rinse and scrub the bones using a strong brush. Make sure you get all of the marrow off. And those fun squishy bits!
4. Place clean bones on a cooking tray and place them in the sun to bleach. I'd recommend placing them somewhere in your yard where they will be in full view of most of your neighbors. It will certainly give you all something to talk about at the next block party.

I will say that after boiling and cleaning a cow's femur, I felt pretty badass. I mean no one's gonna mess with the bone cleaner...right?


jamie said...

Well geez louise, it's about time! You've been sitting at the bottom of my blog list (just above Lailah) for months now. :)

As for the bones. 1) Don't toss that marrow - that's good eating! Guests of honor get the marrow. Mmm... 2) I'm so glad you now know the smell of boiling carcass! It pervaded the first 9 months of my life here. 3) We're going to be so close when I get back, cause you're going to be my only friend who can talk to me about disgusting meat and their smells.

Miss you. xoxo

stephanie renee said...

I'm already planning the dinner for your welcome home party...yummy marrow!

Lauren said...

Seriously, you aren't going to give us more of an explanation? I feel unsettled.