Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lost in translation

I love how some things translate. Here's a conversation had via email between my father and his French cousin. Each email was written in the sender's first language and then translated to the other language and then I translated my dad's email back into English. The following translations made me giggle.

From Dad -
Hello Andre & Francoise,
We all wish we could be in France to visit. Andre, do not let Philip drink all your wine!.
Stephanie was married August 29 in a cave near San Francisco. I have attached photos of the beautiful bride and her father very proud.
We love you and miss you. Please give our love to everyone in the family, especially Clarette and Robert.
Stephen and Sherry

Response from Andre and Frances-
We were very happy to receive your message and beautiful pictures! Congratulations to the happy parents and best wishes for happiness in the beautiful Stephanie and her husband. Whether fine style dancer daddy! Bravo!...but Bravo to Sherry: always elegant and graceful. We look forward to the arrival of Phil and Gail Saturday night. The same welcome awaits you if you come in France. I'll watch it for the cellar is the wine!
We embrace you very hard,
Andrew and Frances


Roux (SSSG) said...

You got married in a cave!?! How cool are you?

stephanie renee said...

I know!

Jo said...

I wish I could embrace you very hard. :)