Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 So Far

I cheated accidentally and had soda yesterday (oops) and then we had a pizza for dinner (double oops) but I went to the gym today (okay, not bad) and I'm about to clean the kitchen (well done).  I will say that the gym was pretty packed today, filled with determined individuals with satisfied smiles on their faces.  Oh, it was a beautiful sight.  Meanwhile I'm waiting ten minutes for a spot on a treadmill very much looking forward to sometime next week when most of these gung ho exercises peeps give up and go home.  And truthfully, I might be one of them but at least there will be no lines.
Point of interest:  The term 'gung ho' originated from the Madarin Chinese phrase 'Gonghe' meaning 'industrial worker's cooperative (work together)' but during World War II the term made it's way through the U.S. Army and is now a commonly used phrase meaning 'excessively enthusiastic, overzealous'.   How did that change occur?  And how weird is it that we completely changed the meaning of a Chinese phrase?  Language.  Fascinating.
Okay, I'm off to continue being totally awesome.
Also, two posts in two days?  I think I'm setting an awfully high precedent.

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