Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the asshole award goes to...

So yesterday I arrive to work at a very nice elementary school, which shall remain nameless, in a posh neighborhood in San Jose.  I got there a few minutes before school let out and the parking lot was lined with parents parked in their cars awaiting the release of their children.  I was worried that I would be forced to park down the hill thereby making me late for not only this rehearsal but for the rehearsal that followed across town.  Then I spotted the only empty space in the place and I began to make my way over.  That is when I saw that the parking spot was being blocked by one of the parents' cars as he sat waiting for his son or daughter to emerge from school.  I smiled at the father and pointed to the parking space, mouthing the words 'I need to park there.  Can you back up?'.  He shook his head and pointed vaguely at something on the opposite side of the parking lot.  I turned hoping to see an empty spot but there was nothing available.  I looked back at the man, gestured again to the empty spot and pointed to the ENTIRE car length of space he had behind him to back up and the father shook his head AGAIN and looked away.  
Mind you the parking lot is FULL of parents just sitting in their cars watching this whole exchange.  Well, I need to park my car so I get out and approach the guy's car and, seeing that his window is down, I say, 'Excuse me, sir, could you back up just a bit so I can park in that space?'.  He looks me straight in the eyes and says, 'No'.  I have to stop myself from laughing at this point because I'm so shocked at his answer.  Finally I reply saying, 'Well, I am directing the school play and need to park my car and get inside for rehearsal so please move your car'.  He rolls his eyes and sighs before backing up at a snail's pace.  I walk back to my car, park in the space, and make my way into the school without even a glance at the man again.  I mean, really?!  No?!  REALLY?!?!  I...I mean...WTF?!

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