Monday, January 12, 2009

Shoulda bought Geico fo yo money.

Today I met with Mike from Continental Catering at Starbucks in San Jose before work.  We met to discuss the wedding and after a 45 minute discussion I left feeling excited and confident about my wedding.  I went in feeling overwhelmed and nervous about the cost and the planning that goes into the catering of a large event but my fears were eased and I left feeling eager to continue my planning.  Life was going so well!  
And then I got in a car accident.  
I'm not going to go into the details because there are claims being filed, etc., but I do want to speak about the emotional and physical ramifications of the incident.
First of all let me just say that I've learned from this experience what one should and should not do at the scene of the accident.  For instance, when approaching the driver of the other vehicle, begin the conversation by asking, "Are you okay?" to establish whether or not medical personnel need to become involved.  Please remember there are two people involved in an accident and being a raging BITCH doesn't help in the slightest.   Also, remember to provide your name, number, and insurance policy carrier as well as write down the same information of the other driver.  And note the make and model of the other vehicle.   Try to see if there was anyone who witnessed the accident and ask for their name and phone number as well.  Remain calm.  Assess whether you are feeling any pain and if so go directly to a medical professional.   Do not wait.  Go to the ER if you need to and remember that no matter how minor the accident you can be injured.  If you've got a camera, or a camera phone, take pictures of your vehicle.  When you get home, let someone (in my case Mike Wozniak) look at the car and see if they can fix any of the damage BEFORE you call the insurance agency.  If you're lucky, like me, you won't even need to take your car in to the shop!
So, basically it was a very loooooong day filled with ups and downs and I'm very glad I'm covered by insurance.  And glad I know I good chiropractor.  I can't wait for my massage tomorrow morning.  God bless insurance.  God bless Geico.  When I finally did call in my claim, they were so pleasant and concerned, asking if I was okay and expressing their sympathies.  I was a little shaken after my extremely mild accident and more than a little tense and thankfully my conversation with Geico left me feeling much better.  Also, Mike got me some beer and that helped too.  Thanks, Mike.  And thank you Geico.


El Sanchez said...

Planning a wedding was one of the most arduous things I went through. The actual wedding day went almost perfectly, and any 'things' that went wrong, couldn't have ruined the day.

All the small details come together to make something that enormously memorable, celebrating two people. I actually designed, printed, and assembled all of the paper materials for the wedding (so i basically stressed myself out, but it added a personal touch and soemthing I felt I needed to do)

Anyways, I'm sort rambling now, but it honestly is all worth it in the end, and it isn't just another day.

Hope you feel fine in a few days, sorry to hear you got in an accident. I have geico too; hopefully I'll never have to call them to file a claim though.

Michelle said...

Glad it wasn't too serious.