Saturday, January 24, 2009

And another thing...

I hope you don't think I'm a complainer...well, fine sometimes I enjoy a good bitch fest.  So here goes.  Yesterday I had several appointments back to back so of course I ended up rushing around like a mad woman and didn't think to pack some food to snack on so by 4.00 I was STARVING!  And I had exactly two hours to get from San Francisco down to Santa Clara and also write 24 'Break-A-Leg' cards for the cast of Midsummer Night's Dream.  So I was, again, forced to rush around and as I was passing the Chevron on 6th heading out of the city I decided to stop and grab something to snack on.  Well, they evidently were experiencing some plumbing problems and weren't allowing anyone inside the store but they assured me that if I approached the window and told them what I needed they would run and get it.  Well, nice an offer as that was...I declined.  I didn't KNOW what I wanted to buy so I decided to haul ass down to Santa Clara and grab something to eat before show time.  Mind you my blood sugar level had reached a dangerously low level and God help anyone who might have pissed me off on my way as I tend to get a tad cranky when I'm hungry.
So I finally get down to Steven's Creek Blvd. and I pull into a strip mall which, to my great pleasure, has a Quizno's.  Finally!  A lucky break!  I was day dreaming of a Veggie Sam all the way down 280 and now I could practically taste it.  
I look at the menu when I get inside, you know that HUGE menu that is pasted to the sanitary window between you and the food prep stations.  And when the lady asks for my order I say, "A veggie sami, please" to which she replies, "We don't do that."
I look back down at the menu which has a list of their sami sandwiches (by the by, a sami is a small CHEAP flatbread sandwich and my personal favorite) and of course I see chicken sami, turkey sami, etc., and the last little sami listed is the VEGGIE SAMI!  So I say, "But it's on the menu" to which she replies, pointing to the menu posted on the wall above her head, "It's not on that menu."  I smile and say, "But it's on this menu."  She does not smile and says, "Only use this menu."  I sigh, knowing that I will lose this battle, and order a small veggie sandwich.  It was delicious but TWO DOLLARS more than I wanted to spend and to tell you the truth I am more annoyed at the principal of the thing then anything else.  I mean it's ON the MENU!  If you aren't going to serve it then do not post the full menu!  Sheesh!  Get a girl's hopes up and everything.  And WHY won't you make the veggie sami?!  You've got all the ingredients.  Damn the man, make me a SAMI!


Wozman said...

You're gonna have a heart attack if you keep this up.

Joseph said...

and save the empire!